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The company SEALWARE® INTERNATIONAL DICHTUNGSTECHNIK GMBH was founded in 1994 in Limburg/Lahn, Germany. Since then it is a family business and a global specialist in seals. Custom-made designs and shapes, non-standard dimensions and sizes or special materials with the right approvals are no big challenge for SEALWARE®. Our customers appreciate our low minimum purchase quantities, fast delivery and low tool cost participation for custom-made products.

Upon customer’s request, we also manufacture according to their specifications and samples. In some of our product segments, we offer express service. That means in case of an emergency, we are able to support our customers as soon as they need it.

In accordance with our company motto “Supplying the impossible right now, but miracles might take a minute“, we have set up an extensive warehouse for our customers with products of non-standard sizes and special materials. SEALWARE® is a registered trademark that has been ISO 9001-2015 certified by DNV for many years in the areas of: “Manufacturing, distribution and technical consulting on seals and sealing systems for hydraulic and pneumatic applications”.

In summer 2010, by moving into our new premises at Feldbergstrasse 2, 65555 Limburg-Offheim, we have expanded our storage capacity by many times. Our new logistics center ensures a high delivery capacity and flexibility, so we are able to offer our customers the best support possible. On our Website you will find all the information you need.

11 reasons for

Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - QualitätExpert with many years of experience in the field of sealing technology
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - LebensdauerCustom made designs, shapes and constructions, non-standard sizes and dimensions and special materials is what we deal with on a daily basis.
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - SkalierbarResponding quickly and flexibly to short-term changes or emergency situations right where it is needed
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - Große MengenExpert advice on your sealing problems / innovations
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - SpezialanfertigungenWe keep a safety surplus stock for those products you
need, as soon as you place an on-demand or blanket order

Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - QualitätLower your procurement costs, through a supplier with competence and a wide range of seals
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - QualitätWe are ISO certified
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - LebensdauerFast delivery, in some cases even express service available
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - SkalierbarExtensive warehouse with non-standard sizes and special materials
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - Große MengenLow minimum purchase quantities / minimum position values
Sealware - Dichtungen für Industrie und technischen Handel - SpezialanfertigungenLow proportional tool expenses






years of experience


SEALWARE INTERNATIONAL – Competence in Sealing Technology

You are looking for a reliable partner to advise you and solve your current sealing problems? Just tell us your current needs and you will receive our quotation as soon as possible.

Our employees are experienced in the field of sealing technology and will contribute it to your projects. Even within the same material segment, e.g. rubber or plastic, materials actually differ a lot. Depending on the technical requirements of the final product and it’s application, specific qualities of a certain material only qualify for the manufacturing purpose. We are happy to assist you with the best choice of material for your specific application.

Staff training
Our products and services strongly depend on our employees’ competence. Therefore we permanently train our staff internally as well as externally through highly competent consultants. This way we are able to ensure that our employees meet your requirements at all times.

IT Organization
We use state-of-the-art communication and technology systems to ensure fast processing of our customers’ inquiries and orders. Through using our SIS software (Sealware Information System), we plan to provide our customers even faster with up-to-date information about our products, prices and delivery times.

We permanently extend our warehouse, have many years of experience and use an IT-supported disposition and warehouse management. This is why we are able to process your orders quick and trouble-free at any time. Of course, you as a customer can also contribute to further improving our delivery capability. Just ask us for the current delivery situation and place your orders foresightedly. We are happy to receive your purchase order now, store your products for you and deliver it to you on-demand. This way we will be able to guarantee fast delivery as well as fixed prices.

Our mission
We make all efforts in order to serve our customers’ needs well. Our mission is to be a competent and reliable partner for you. Therefore we keep our delivery deadlines and supply you with high-quality but affordable products.